Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the call


-We are a group of artists named “iconoplastes art group”. We have created and took part in a Central Unesco’s Project titled “My City- scenes and Sounds of my City”. We presented our city, Elassona, having Mount Olympus as the start and the end of our project, because we live in the shadow of this sacred mount. (introductive note - republication from unesco site)
The project is: http://unesco.sjsu.edu/

- On the occasion the particular program, we call you in the “1st International Mail Art Biennale in Greece”.
The selected artwork will be the exposing material for the creation of the “1st Museum of Postal Art” in Greece. We would like this museum to be founded in Elassona, the city where the 1st International mail art exhibition was held under the title: “Psychedelic” (producer: Ioanna Papachristou, coordinator- curator: Thomai Kontou).
Get into the site, se the project and let Olympus with its muses and Elassona, to create inner pictures. Send your works inspired from our city or your own city, your memories and way of living. In that way a lot of cities will co-exist, in this collection, through to the inspiration and soul of the artists.
Title: “Cities enclosed like fields where I used to live…..for Olympus, for Elassona, or the city everyone has in his mind and heart”
Media: painting, engraving, visual art, photo, artistamp.
Size: postcard, A3, A4.
No jury, no fee.
All works are going to be exhibited. The works will be the supporting material of the Museum. So they are not going to be returned.
Deadline: 30 October 2007.
Documents in: http://1st-mailart-greek-biennale.blogspot.com/
Exhibition coordinator- curator: Thomai Kontou (painter-mail artist)
artistic committee
Anna Filini- painter
Regas Makropoulos- painter
Kostas Evaggelatos- painter
Efi Bizou Chlorokosta - painter
Aristotelis Triantis - painter
Helen Baziotou - painter
Christos Papanikolaou- painter
Kostas Varnas - painter
Vasilis Prappas- painter
Nikos Kelesis - painter
International honorary artistic committee
Adamandia Kapsalis - U.S.A
Anna Boschi - Italy
Clemente Padin- Uruguay
Dale Roberts – Canada
Denis Charmot – France
Ivan Zemtsov - Russia
Mick Boyle – U.S.A.
Mim. Grammatikopoulos - Greece
Puneet Gupta – India
Paul Tiilila – Finland
Ryosuke Cohen -Japan
Sidney Tome -Brazil
Suzzlee Ibrahim – Malaysia
Tiziana Baracchi- Italy

For info: thomaikontou@gmail.com or uxa53@yahoo.gr
The exhibition will be held in a space that is going to be announced soon.
Send your work to:
Thomai Kontou
Xanthou 9
40200 Elassona

For photos of mound Olympus get in the site:
*the text for Unesco’s project:
TITLE A tribute to Elassona “The city I loved, enclosed…like fields where I used to live”
Elassona is a town situated on the foot of Mount Olympus, the Greek sacred mountain. It is a town that has been built 4.500 years ago and it is known as the “White Town” of the Homeric era. It is also white deeply in our heart and brain, because it is our own hometown, the place we were born and lived and where as own beloved people lived. We have attempted an artistic approach of our town having in mind the verse of the poet N. A. Aslanoglou about Elassona: “…its houses are spreading conceitedly in the plain” among these houses there are youth memories, secret corners, ruins, abandoned cars, old factories. But there is also the new life portrayed through, traditional feasts in the square, through old and new habits, the cultural buildings, and the litany of the Virgin Mary’s icon, the artist’s atelier and his lonely course. Evenings with friends, music and dreams. “Innocence and faith”. We consist a team of painters, photographers and university students. Our common point a view is our love for Elassona. Have a nice trip in our town. Iconoplastes Art Group.( republication from unesco site)

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